Many people I meet in Bristol are interested in what I have to say, so I think it is high time that I put it down rather than just talking it up. This is a free online book that will be a single repository of my thoughts. I will continually edit, add to and improve it until I die, so that the book that is left is my single free gift to humanity as I want my child and grandchildren to enjoy themselves. This is possibly experimental as most writers have published something that they don’t agree with later in life but that is out there so they can’t edit it, they can only issue apologies. I have a single control over the definitive version of my thought that I want people to read of any kind right up to the moment of my death. Here is also a link to my facebook where I post things which interest me.

I am interested in both the arts and sciences, mainly music and literature but also visual art, physics, philosophy, biology and psychology.

I have formally studied Yoga (which does involve elements of philosophy, I currently practice and teach Yoga privately, see here for my Yoga CV), Indian Classical music (think Ravi Shankar,, see here for my Music CV) and other forms of music, particularly Jazz and Western Classical music, English Literature, particularly Science Fiction and Fantasy, web and software development practices and methodology and business administration.

I am teaching Ashtanga with Vini-Yoga modifications, which is a safe and dynamic, transformative and healing practice. It helps develop strength and stamina, as well as flexibility. Also the practice develops meditative mindfullness.

I am teaching Indian music, to a high level on Sarod and Vocal, and also Indian music on your own western instrument that you know the technique for, violin, saxophone etc.

For yoga and music I teach one to one/two/three, with a non-exclusive fee structure based on 0.1 percent of your net income per annum, so if you are earning 25K a year after tax, you will pay £25 per lesson, if only £5K a year then only £5. If the lesson is one to two, then you will each pay about a third less, so if £25K, you will each pay £15 (depending on your income). If one to three, you will each pay about two thirds less, so if £25 you each pay £10. Your fee can be further reduced if you have dependents. I can teach at your place if you have room or we can book a day pass at Vivo Sports club, Welshback, Bristol for £7.50 and use the mats there as well as enjoy the spa and other equipment there for cardio etc. Generally music lessons will be at my place in Brislington.

After learning North Indian Classical music and performing on sarod, I have decided on a new challenge which is to bring my vocal music up to performance level.

I am hoping to start two bands, an Indian music ensemble and a World music fusion band, I am particularly interested in working with Flamenco, Irish, Griot and Folk.

I am interested in setting up:

  • a Musicians forum, similar to the one that used to exist at the Pierian Centre before it closed down. This is a mixed improvisational group with an open invitation, providing an opportunity to work with many different kinds of instruments, styles, genres and abilities.
  • an Indian singing group, exploring the therapeutic nature of Indian musical vocal training as a kind of Yoga for the voice.
  • an Ashram where I would do my personal practice and teach also on a drop-in basis, both early morning and evening. I am looking at venues for this, both where students could live-in or visit. Download my business plan.